Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Day-freakin' - tona

Had the opportunity to go to the Daytona 500. Being a keen observer of human nature, I could not resist this little excursion into "middle America". NASCAR is the number one spectator sport, so I knew the people watching would be great. I was not disappointed. I saw a lifetime's worth of high foreheads, mouth breathing and shallow gene pools....but thse three pictures captured the essence of NASCAR and its fans. It should be noted I did not PAY for the tickets....

What is the deal with this hat? What is this young "lady" trying to say?

This woman had the can of beer in her hand for the entire race. She stood and cheered her hero, Dale Jr, every time he went by.

Every lap, 200 of them, they would stand and point. I think Dale saw them, he seemed to drive harder down the "superstretch" just for them. The younger one would have a look of nervous anticipation. It seemed as if she wasn't sure that the cars would actually come by this time...

It was actually a pretty good time. Them NASCAR boys know how to put on a show, and any place where you can bring in a cooler full of beer is OK by me.

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