Sunday, November 28, 2004


Saturday, November 27, 2004


Random Shots from the Herat Adventure

Me, sleeping on the helicopter. At over 10,000 feet, you get tired.

Me, my rifle, and Herat in the background:

Me "concentrating" on the NAVC opening. After a short while, I started understanding Dhari.

The hall where the luncheon after the opening took place:

Hey! Who's that guy in the middle?

The Herat PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team), these guys are living good:


Helo Fun

LTC Frank, at lunch following the NAVC opening. What the hell is this stuff?

Me, LTC Frank, Maj Steve and a local guy at the luncheon:

During one of many helo trips, getting some spades in:

We landed in the middle of a sand storm in the center of nowhere:

Maj Steve, and a local boy who we were taking to Kabul, at Herat Airport:

Thanksgiving Day lunch at Herat Airfield. MREs al fresco:

It gets pretty cold over 10,000 feet:

The helo on day one of the trip:

I'm gonna fly in what?

An old Hind Helo outside Kabul airfield:

OK, this got me a bit worried, in the middle of the flight the crew pulls out a paper map and a ruler:

Refueling in Gardez:


Herat NAVC Grand Opening

I was in Herat to attend the grand opening of the local National Army Volunteer Center.

Making final preparations for the ceremony:

The newly completed building:

Dead Goat Walking:

Same goat:

Mullah, opening the ceremony:

The master of ceremonies:

The NAVC Commander:

The governor of Herat:

The recruiting General:

School Girls singing:


Dead goat:

Raising the flag:


Aerial Shots

Views from the helicopter:

Outskirts of Herat:

The most water I have seen since being in country:

New snow on the mountains:

Outskirts of Kabul:

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