Thursday, February 03, 2005



Maj Jim:

Me and Maj (FR) Patick:

SGT Tim:

CPT Heidi:

CPT Heidi's Christmas tree (Sent by Pam), I think it really captures the essence of spending Christmas in Kabul:

LCDR Gary, Powerpoint Ranger:

Maj Mark - Drug Czar.

Maj Ralph - Army designer:

Maj Tim - He's a lawyer in real life:

Col Stopford - our leader in Kabul:

CPT Bill, he's happy to be going home:

Maj Steve, United States Marine Corps, travel buddy to Herat:

Col Jack, the voice of reason in the War House:

LTC Kyle, NATO plans 'R Us!:

CDR Jim A.K.A Uncle Skip, fashion challenged:

Maj Chris, USAF, Planner....

Mr. Jerry - civilian planner and a straight shooter:

TSGT O, the glue that keeps the War House together;

MSGT U, our French NCO:

SFC F; Kept us all honest:

SSGT M the new, improved exec:

Maj Steve, detainee master:

These were most of my co-workes in Afghanistan, a great bunch of professionals (despite the appearances in the pictures) all of whom are dedicated to making Afghanistan a better place.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Still Here

In the last two days, I have received comments or emails asking for updates. Never thought I would be in demand. It is amazing how quickly life returns to "normal". I am so consumed in the day to day stuff, that I did not realize how long it has been since I last posted.

I am knee deep in the daily grind. Out of the house by 0545, at my desk by 0630. My workspace is in a windowless building on MacDill AFB. It seems that whenever I live in a really nice climate, I end up working in a building with no windows. The same thing happened to me in Hawaii. The days are full, and usually the first I notice the time of day it is after 1700. I try to get out of the building at lunchtime, but I don't always make it, and can end up not seeing the sun. Drive home, in the house around 1900, see the girls, work out, eat and go to sleep just to do it again.

On the weekend, it is "honey-do's".

So that's my life in Tampa. Not quite the excitement of Afghanistan.

I speak to the gang in Kabul frequently. As a planner here, I still work Afghan issues. That gives me the opportunity to talk to my comrades. Even get to see many of them once a week during a VTC. They have had alot of snow in Kabul since I left. It is not snowing in Tampa.

Still not entirely sure what to do with this blog. I don't think my day to day life is blog worthy. Can't really write about my work. Don't really want to get political. I still have a few pics I want to post from Afghanistan, perhaps that and a few more stories will get this blog rolling again.

So, don't dump your bookmarks just yet. I am still here.

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