Thursday, February 03, 2005



Maj Jim:

Me and Maj (FR) Patick:

SGT Tim:

CPT Heidi:

CPT Heidi's Christmas tree (Sent by Pam), I think it really captures the essence of spending Christmas in Kabul:

LCDR Gary, Powerpoint Ranger:

Maj Mark - Drug Czar.

Maj Ralph - Army designer:

Maj Tim - He's a lawyer in real life:

Col Stopford - our leader in Kabul:

CPT Bill, he's happy to be going home:

Maj Steve, United States Marine Corps, travel buddy to Herat:

Col Jack, the voice of reason in the War House:

LTC Kyle, NATO plans 'R Us!:

CDR Jim A.K.A Uncle Skip, fashion challenged:

Maj Chris, USAF, Planner....

Mr. Jerry - civilian planner and a straight shooter:

TSGT O, the glue that keeps the War House together;

MSGT U, our French NCO:

SFC F; Kept us all honest:

SSGT M the new, improved exec:

Maj Steve, detainee master:

These were most of my co-workes in Afghanistan, a great bunch of professionals (despite the appearances in the pictures) all of whom are dedicated to making Afghanistan a better place.

Y'all definately have to plan a reunion, Pete (perhaps preferably in a secure location where alcoholic beverages are permitted). It should make for an excellent post.

For the record: I did not send a bent Christmas tree with only one ornament. I sent a Christmas tree that had to be bent to fit in the box with several ornaments.

Charlie Brown envies Capt. Heidi's tree!

Are you still with us? Are you on a classified operation?

I check back and see the same pics...
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