Saturday, November 27, 2004


Helo Fun

LTC Frank, at lunch following the NAVC opening. What the hell is this stuff?

Me, LTC Frank, Maj Steve and a local guy at the luncheon:

During one of many helo trips, getting some spades in:

We landed in the middle of a sand storm in the center of nowhere:

Maj Steve, and a local boy who we were taking to Kabul, at Herat Airport:

Thanksgiving Day lunch at Herat Airfield. MREs al fresco:

It gets pretty cold over 10,000 feet:

The helo on day one of the trip:

I'm gonna fly in what?

An old Hind Helo outside Kabul airfield:

OK, this got me a bit worried, in the middle of the flight the crew pulls out a paper map and a ruler:

Refueling in Gardez:

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