Sunday, December 05, 2004


So....What do YOU do for Fun??

Officers, waterguns, and Silly String don't mix....

Col George, from the UK, departed. He was our boss and a pretty good one at that.
Here he is at his farewell party. Yes, the beer is non-alcoholic.

A "friendly" card game.....

The making of "Professor" Jim...."What did you say my waist was?"

Maj Jim gets down to check a rug. He didn't know what I was doing. What am I doing?

Maj Patrick (From France) Doing his Yasser Arafat (He is still dead) impersonation.

Me making the coffee, apparently this doesn't happen too often. Well there are CPTs in the office.

Cleaning up the silly string under a barrage of water pistols:

The aftermath. We better clean this place up before the cleaning guy comes back:

A group goes to a local orphanage each Friday. Maj Chris and some kids:

Soccer is pretty popular in Afghanistan:

Cpt Andy, he is from West Virginia.....

I love the pictures. It's a great visual diary of another part of the world in these interesting times. Kepp them coming!
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