Sunday, December 12, 2004


Christmas in the 'Stan

Spending time away from home is difficult. Even more so over the holidays. We try to do as much as we can to get in the holiday spirit. It usually works pretty well.

The stockings were hung by the whiteboard with hopes that a ticket home would soon be there....

Due to security concerns, we need camoflauge Christmas hats...(I am kidding)

I don't think anyone would notice the antlers and bow on the helmet.
In fact, when at the North Pole the wearer could probably get close to the workshop undetected:

Heeerrrrees Santa!

Minimalistic Christmas tree:

Maj. real life, he is a Lawyer, yeah, I want HIM on my side....

Capt Heidi, gettin in the Christmas spirit:

Maj Jim went away for a few Norway. We missed him so. Here we are preparing for his return...Nothing like a little desk wrapping to say "we missed you":

The finished product, yes we wrapped the phones, computer, and coffee cup:

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