Saturday, November 06, 2004


Hostage Situation

When I arrived at the office this morning, my coffee cup was missing. I found this note on the bulletin board. I am waiting for negotiations. The captors have not spoken...yet....

Funny as all get out, shipmate.

You're blogrolled!

That's wrong.

Just plan wrong.

May your vengence be swift. They CANNOT get away with this.

Coffee is sacred!!

Hilarious....I want you to post the outcome of this.

It brings back a memory of the day on a PG deployment, after the Tanker Wars, and before Desert Shield, when it was really boring, my pocket Daytimer (I was XO, and it was my brain) was kidnapped when I left it in the Wardroom. I had a ransom note, made of cut out letters, and a polaroid picture of said revered Daytimer (and scourge of my DH's and JO's) delivered.

The picture showed a forlorn outer leather shell, tied to a chair with orange shotline and a 1911 prominently displayed, business end towards the holder of all knowledge.

To bad "Mac" (the CSO) let too much of his arm show.

The CMAA soon rounded up the conspirators, and returned (unharmed, and only a little worse for the wear) the Daytimer, to take it's rightful place, once again, in my back pocket, standing it's watch as before.

Glad to see the forward area sense of humor is alive and well, and I suspect we are missing out on so many prime stories of inter unit harassment for no particular reason.

Thanks for the humor..
(oh, yes I'm reading "this")

Curt (retired "shoe")
Be careful, it could be a trap to get more coffee!
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