Saturday, November 27, 2004



Herat is on the Western side of Afghanistan, bordering Iran and Turkmenistan. Unlike other parts of the country, the wars did not affect this region. The Taliban did not establish as strong a hold on the area due a strong governor, and probably the proximity of Iran.

However, it is still catching up with the rest of the world. But the province appeared more lively than what I have seen in Kabul. Also much greener with more trees and even some grass.

Horse cart moving some steel:

Saw more Burkhas than in Kabul, but also saw more people, so I am not sure if the burkha is more prevalant in Herat:

The little guy looks thrilled to be on the motorcycle. I have seen entire families (4 people) on a single bike, and these are not large machines:

Many three wheelers like this one:

Governor's office, we had lunch here after the NAVC grand opening:

Busy street in Herat:

New on Discovery Channel - Afghanistan Chopper, wonder if the boys from OCC started out like this:

Fancy three wheeler:

Caution: Camel crossing:

C-130 at Herat Airfield:

Tree lined boulevard:

Herat had many horse drawn carts decked out with roses:

Back street:

Me in my body armor at Herat Airfield:

Herat "international" airport:

Shops on the outskirts of Herat:

Really nice park downtown Herat:

View from Governor's residence:

Me with Herat in the background. The minarets over my left shoulder are pretty famous:

Some buildings outside Herat, in the hillside below, some cutouts for tactical vehicles:

Expended artillery shell, no shortage of this in Afghanistan:

Another view of the buildings outside Herat and the cutouts:


Container buried in the hillside, probably used to store military supplies:

Unexploded mortar round:

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