Monday, October 18, 2004


Picture dump

Some captions mine, some Pete's. I'm sure you guys can figure out which are which.

Inside a Doha shipping container. Looks suspiciously like a stateroom on a ship.

Hallway outside the containers. Apparently these are stacked two high in a warehouse.

Flying over Afghanistan

Circus tent in Bagram. My travel companions Tony, and Paul, the Aussie.

More circus tentage. That's gonna be a grey sweatshirt when Pete comes home.

Circus tent by day. Note the gaps and the "climate control" ducts.

Bomb shelter outside the circus tent.

Multi-culti military. Pete, you need to get one of those manly thigh-holsters.

Ready for the road trip from Bagram to Kabul, must have two vehicles, radios and two rifles. All personnel have a pistol, body armor and helmets. I look BAD!

Your cammies clash.

Afghan workers lining up at the Bagram Gate for work

Walls all over the place. There is no land law so folks build walls to "stake their claim"

Afghanistan's first (and only) Toyota Dealership

Afghan Wireless.
Both just seem out of place

A circle dedicated to Massoud, charismatic leader of the Northern Alliance who was assassinated 10 Sept 01. He is a national hero.

Maj Jim, Canadian Army. My personal driver....he is insane and has a bicycle and taxi to his credit. At least he is well armed. Note the lollipop in his mouth.

Seen on the road from Kabul compound to Camp Julian, the ISAF compound.

This is a battle damaged building in Kabul. No shortage of these.

The kings palace, the Soviets did not like the King....

People still live in these "houses" built into the hillside.

I hope the comment about the "...stateroom on a ship" isn't Petes. If it is who told him what a stateroom looks like, or has he seen pictures before? I don't recall sending him any.

Those Afgan women are some real eye candy aren't they?

Cousin Jim
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