Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Guest Poster

I'm just here for tech support and html tweaking.

Got the clocks working, will try and figure out how to kill the seconds. No, that's not a mistake, Kabul is on one of those weird 30 minute offset time zones.

Also got a "been gone for x days" counter going. Weather is still in progress.

Changed the time zone to Kabul, so the posts will show us what time it was for you when you wrote them.

thinking of changing to a Blue and Gold color scheme. Do you care?

I use chinpokomon as my home page, so I that's where I stash all the links to my must-reads. Let me know if you want do that here. Or just go to the template, find the chinpokomon link (near the bottom half of the template) and add them yourself. just copy the format <li><a href="">name of site</a></li>. Then Save and then Rebuild. Pretty easy.

Your sitemeter stats are gonna be all FUBAR because I had to rebuild and look at the page so many times when I was debugging the clocks. My bad.

Blue and Gold color theme!

Go Blue!!

Ya, ya I know they lost to ND.
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