Sunday, October 31, 2004


French vs American MRE's

Not many captions to add, the pix speak for themselves. Just to be sure, the French is on the left, and US is on the right. The French package is designed for one soldier for 1 full day, the US plans for three packages per soldier per day.

Score: Presentation FR 1; US 0

Opening the French package looks like a walk through the supermarket, while the US is more brown packaging.

FR 2; US 0 for Packaging Appeal.

Close up of the U.S. "Food"

Meatloaf with Brown Onion Gravy. MMMMMM! (U.S.)

From the French, the first meal of the day is Fish with rice and vegetables, the yellow packet is broth and the red is the heat source.

Here is the US MRE, crackers, the meatloaf, Oh! and a cookie. Yummy.
The second course, rabbit (Tastes like Chicken I hear), with 2 mustard sauce.

I did not do a side by side taste test yet, but will do so in the near future.

The meatloaf must be new. Can't say I ever had a vanilla creme wafer cookie either.

The good thing about all this war stuff is the warehouses full of 10-15 year old MRE's are empty. Small consolation, but the new menus are way better than the old ones.
That's one thing I forgot to mention. The French MRE is good for 2 years. Ours are good for 10. Makes you wonder which one will taste better.
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