Wednesday, September 13, 2006


A Very Cool Day

Just wrapping up a very interesting day...had an hour long meeting with the Afghan Minister of Defense, and then a working lunch with him...not me and a bunch of other people...just me and another US officer.
He was very engaging, spoke great English, and is passionately dedicated to his job. A real honor to meet him.

As for lunch, it was good. Have no clue what I ate, but I think it involved rice and lamb...there was other stuff, no clue what it was...They make excellent flat bread here.

Yesterday, I met with one of the deputy ministers of defense. Some days, I really like my job.

awesome! rubbing elbows with cool people...always cool.
have you meet with anyone from your last trip to Afghanistan?

Stay safe!
Ah, lunch at the MoD....yummy, especially when they do lamb kabobs! I wouldn't be surprised if the other mystery food was goat. I always liked their rice with the raisins.

Enjoy Kabul and say hi for me!
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