Thursday, June 09, 2005


A Personal Story

Michelle Malkin writes about the redesign of the site of the World Trade Center here:

I want to offer my opinion on what should be done at "Ground Zero" it's really simple, yet powerful. Are you ready, I am going to yell:
REBUILD THE WORLD TRADE CENTER EXACTLY LIKE IT WAS!!! As for a memorial, do something in the courtyard, or in the lobby, but the buildings need to be just as they were. The terrorists of 9/11 defaced the city of New York. They knocked down something that was as much a part of the sky line as the Empire State building. To put anything other than what was there is a slap in the face to those who died there, and to the City and this country. No self-flagellating memorial, no whailing wall. Just rebuild the buildings.

Look, my Dad worked in the towers just after they were built. How cool is that for a kid? Your Dad works in the TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD? It was a source of pride for me. On the day they fell, I was pissed off. Later I went to the site. I thought I would be sad, but no, I was even madder at those responsible. If we don't rebuild the towers as they were, Osama and his boys win. They made us feel bad about ourselves and what we believe in. No the only proper response is to build the towers just like they were. It goes back to the playground....someone knocks over your sand castle, you rebuild it just like it was. Think about it....

If the WTC is rebuilt exactly as it was, no one will want to work there because it will forever be a target. Hell, no one will commit to the Freedon Tower now. I don't know one person who lives in the NY area who would actually work in a duplicate WTC. This is the kind of moronic thinking that non-New Yorkers throw every day of the week.
Watch who you are calling a non-New Yorker. I grew up on Long Island, my father worked in the city for almost 40 years. I am a New Yorker, and if I was in any position to rent space in the rebuilt towers, I would do it in a New York Minute. No one will commit to the Freedom Tower because it is Lame.
I was calling Michelle Malkin a non-NYer, not you.

The reason why tenants aren't renting the Freedom Tower is directly related to fact that they fear the building will be a target. The fact that Silverstein wants to charge midtown prices for the building doesn't help it either.

Don't listen to this lame-o liberal. I agree with you 100% and have thought this since day one. I think the towers should be rebuilt to tell the world that you CANNOT beat us down.

And thanks for standing in harm's way on behalf of all of us. I for one am grateful.
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