Friday, May 20, 2005


Required Reading

I have tried to stay non-political and light throughout this blog. But I just read something on this site, that is one of the most eloquent pieces I think I have ever read and captures how I feel about the war. Read "Sanctuary" parts one and two. It is powerful stuff.

Thanks for the recommendation. The article was powerful stuff. Paula
Here is some more required reading: this post. Remember "Gulf War Syndrome" from the first Gulf War? I found out what it is: depleted uranium poisoning. The Dept. of Defense claims it's harmless, but over 200,000 vets of Gulf War One are on disability because of it, and thousands have died already because of it. It also affects their spouses and even gives their children grotesque birth defects! And they use it now much more than ever, in Abrams tank armor, in tank gun shells, in ammunition fired from the 30mm cannon on A-10 'Warthogs' and certainly many other uses I'm not privy to. The worst part is the depleted uranium dust that is blowing around all over Iraq, as just one single particle of it lodged in your respiratory system is cancer-causing. Already in this current debacle in Iraq the military has used over four times the amount of depleted uranium than in the last Gulf War, so imagine how much worse the "Gulf War syndrome" will be this time!! All the while, the Dept. of Defense callously refuses to admit it's harmful and even tried several times to kill the whistleblower who was spreading the truth about it! So I hope you didn't plan on having any kids with all their appendages because that dust you breathe in every day is heavily laced with depleted uranium. So even if you survive the Rebels' bullets, roadside bombs and RPGs, you still have the depleted uranium dust the Defense Dept. is poisoning you with, and you can't escape that because it is in the dust blowing around all over Iraq. So how about that? The Dept. of Defense "supports the troops" by first poisoning you and then denying that it knows the cause of the "mystery illness". That is beyond despicable. Warn everyone you know over there that the dust is loaded with cancer-causing depleted uranium.
I love anonymous comments....NOT. The above "poster" is spewing so many screwed up facts, I don't know where to begin. But the math doesn't work. There were approximately 500,000 sent to the first Gulf War. Of that some 350,000 were support personnel, that never saw combat or were exposed to such munitions. Using this logic, almost every soldier that saw action in the gulf war would be on disability. That is simply not the case. I work with many, many people who were on the ground in Iraq during the current conflict. We are all fine.
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