Friday, May 13, 2005


He Got Off Easy

My buddy Pablo got just three months hard labor, no confinement (other than being restricted to Naval Station San Diego for two months). Although he was reduced in rank to the lowest paygrade, it appears he did not receive an unfavorable discharge.
This immature little dirtbag decided that he did not want to deploy on the Bonhomme Richard because he thought the war in Iraq was unjust. Not only did he miss ship's movement, but he also made a spectacle of himself missing ship's movement. He notified the local press, wore a stupid T-shirt and basically mocked his shipmates in the process. He is lower than Pond-Scum.

As it turned out, the ship sailed short one fire control technician. These individuals operate a missile system that PROTECTS the ship from air attack and cruise missile attack. This is a defensive system. There are not many FC's on this type of ship, so the loss of one is significant. On this particular deployment, the ship ended up providing significant effort to the Tsunami relief in Indonesia....a humanitarian mission. He could have participated in something great.

What really bothers me about this coward is that he volunteered for the Navy. (In case you forgot, we don't draft people) He collected a pay check, had the opportunity for educational benefits and all of the other good things that come with military service. It was not until this deployment that he all of the sudded had an awakening and refused to go. He broke his contract with his country and his shipmates. It was the ultimate selfish act, and for that, he got a minimal sentence. I am very disappointed. I hope I never have the displeasure of meeting this idiot.

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The Navy should get their money back, breach of contract and all - reposess his car and everything.
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