Wednesday, December 15, 2004


This Pisses Me Off

You may have heard the story of Pablo Paredes. He is a Sailor who decided that he did not want to go on deployment to the Middle East with his ship. He may a very public display of his actions. The bottom line is he is a coward. I want to publicly state that he does not represent the typical sailor. Our Navy has thousands of great young people that endure incredible hardships, long working hours and long deployments. They do it with honor, courage and committment. This turkey has none of that, and while he is in Leavenworth, he will have a long time to think about his actions, and My Navy will be better with him gone.

Here is a link with more about him:

Here is an email I sent to the misguided youth:

Pablo (FC3)
I have followed your story, and I am quite disappointed in your actions. It is a dark day in our Navy when junior personnel make unilateral decisions to break a promises made when they enlisted. Whether or not you believe in the war in Iraq is not material to your actions. The only thing you accomplished is letting your shipmates down. That to me is unacceptable. While you are in Leavenworth, I hope you have a chance to review the Navy Core Values “Honor, Courage, Commitment”. You hit a homerun in disregarding these values, and that is the worst thing you could have done. Think about your actions. By being as public with your little stunt, you will bring the ire of Navy leadership upon yourself. I have full faith that you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible and that you will be confined, reduced in rank and discharged (hopefully with a dishonorable discharge. (That equates to a felony conviction) look it up, that comes with a lifetime’s worth of baggage that will follow you forever. Nice job, you have embarrassed yourself and my Navy. Hope it was worth it.
CDR Pete Laches, USN
Combined Forces Command, Afghanistan

Many of us know, appreciate and respect what our sailors (and other military personnel) endure to keep us safe here at home. We LOVE you ALL!!! Words cannot describe how proud and appreciative we are of each and everyone of you whether on the front lines or working stateside. In this case one bad apple does not spoil the barrel. My brother served in submarines in the 1970's and wore his dolphins proudly on his Battalion Command Sargent Major uniform in the U.S.Army Reserves before his retirement. I remember well his sacrifices as a young man. I will remember all your sacrifices as well. Thank you and God's speed!
With kind,
Cindy in Vermont
Aww, Pete,

'tis a difficult concept to grasp, but please be reminded that the feeble mind is often swayed by the fanatical, and once swayed, there is no reasoning with the hysterical...history has proven it so.

Take Care, My Friend, -p-
Well put. One more thing to add: Right now, it's colder in Tampa than it is in Kabul (and not much warmer here in Orlando). Enjoy the heatwave, Pete!
wow, it's colder in tampa than in ca.

BTW, saw the most offensive South Park ever tonight. Christmas themed of course.
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