Friday, December 17, 2004


The Journey Begins

I am heading home. Since I was on loan from CENTCOM, I had a relatively short trip to Afghanistan. I'll be home for Christmas. (I think there is a song in there) Today, I will fly out of Afghanistan to Qatar, spend a day or two there and then fly home via London and Chicago.

You would think that leaving would be easy. But the truth is, I am going to miss this place and look forward to my next trip. The people at CFC are doing a great job. They are making a difference in this country. The Afghan people are gracious, and they desperately want a better country, and they are getting it. We must see this through to completion.

One word of caution. Please don't apply 21st Century Standards to this country. As a society, I feel that this is about the late 1800's only with electricity and motor vehicles. The social systems will evolve over time. We just need to ensure that they are given the opportunity. The best thing we can offer Afghanistan is security, hope and encouragement. The rest will take care of itself.

For my co-workers at CFC, you guys are the greatest. I admire your resolve and your spirit as you do up to a year away from home. I am not leaving you guys. I am at the other end of the phone line, email and VTC, and I will do all I can to assist. This was an eye opening experience, and although only together for a short period of time, I know I have made lifelong friendships.

I hope to keep this blog going. But life back in the States will seem so mundane compared to this. So we will see what happens.

To the many of you that have commented on the blog, and to all who read this. Thanks.

There are more pictures and stories I want to post, but they will have to wait until I get home.


God's speed and have a wonderful Christmas at home with your family!!!

If you see this before you leave Q and they have a starbucks at the airport (they had 2 in kuwait, so the odds are good) can you see if they have any qatar commuter cups?

The one I'm thinking of is really simple. Clear plastic with a paper insert between the layers. A lid, but no fancy locking/no-spill stuff. Just 2 holes. The paper insert has some sort of design on it and says qatar or some spelling variation on it.

Let me know when you arrive in CONUS so I can stop your sea service counter ;)
Thanks for sharing, and for your service! Merry Christmas! Paula
There is indeed a song there, and in likelihood, your fondest wishes/dreams will come true upon your arrival home.

Best wishes for a safe journey.

You and your comrades remain in my thoughts and prayers. Pam
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