Monday, December 13, 2004


Good Grammar Not Required:

This is a direct quote from an email from someone relatively high in the chain of command. Please people, read your emails, or have someone else look at them before you hit "send".

"We are currently having too many negligent discharges on this compound; I’m going to recommend to the Commander that we start to issues UCMJ against individuals. Each section needs to ensure that they train their personnel on proper clearing procedures. We can not tolerate this unsafe act, and the lack of individuals to handle loaded weapons."

If we're collecting for the email hall of chuckles (or worse)'s a line from an email we received at work. Apparently there was a snafu in HR, and some people may have been *inconvenienced* ..."We apologize for the incontinence this causes." Or, maybe there were people wetting their pants over the snafu. Paula
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