Saturday, December 18, 2004


Doha, Qatar

Back in Doha. The flight was good, as there were only 14 passengers instead of the 43 when I went into Afghanistan. Was able to spread out and get some sleep. No matter how you slice it, 6 hours in a C-130 is no walk in the park.

You're a whimp!

Hope everything is going good.

I'm back in Nebraska after 3 weeks in Turkey. Will be in DC Jan and Feb doing a TDY to the Pentagon on Future forces.

Take care Buddy

If you fly American home on orders, you should be entitled to use their Admiral's club. They have showers in the london and chicago clubs, so it's a chance to wash that airplane funk off.

I think both american and united will sell you a day pass for around $50. United's club at heathrow is nicer than AA's. I haven't been in a chicago club.
God's speed, Pete.

A little elf at this site is wishing you a Merry Christmas:
You should check for cubans at the qatar airport. they sold them at Kuwait Int'l and there didn't seem to be any tax on any smoking products anywhere in the country.

I didn't have any trouble sneaking a box in.
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