Thursday, November 11, 2004


This is too Funny

You gotta read the story, and more importantly see the photo.

Here is the photo:

He was probably enjoying the cool breeze! Paula
Hello Landlocked Sailor,
Just stumbled upon your blog while poking around the internet after a busy day here at my antique shop. From a U.S. Army veteran (1970's) I'd like to wish you and all those around you a most happy and blessed Veteran's Day from here in Vermont--good ol' USA. I am so very proud of what you are all doing for those of us back home and please know I sleep better at night knowing my two teenage children are tucked safely in their beds at night because of your personal sacrifices and bravery. I am happy to see you maintain a sense of humor during your ordeal and viewed your blog with the utmost pleasure. To see the photos of your encampment brings to mind the smell of the OD canvas shelter halves we used. I, of course, was given 2 halves being the only woman in the outfit in the Guard and Reserves after leaving active duty. When I first joined out of high school in 1972 it was the Women's Army Corp. Later, we were all melded together as the US Army. In basic I wore skirts and took classes in makeup and hairstyles. Much has changed since then. Again, many, many thanks for all you and the others there are doing for us back home. We're proud of you all and God bless.
With kind,
Cindy Wade
Former 91A10
U.S.Women's Army Corp
Vermont, USA
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