Monday, November 01, 2004


A Note From A Cousin

This is an email from one of my cousins. He asks some good questions, so I will answer them here:

What’s new in K-town?
Nothing much, the city is relatively quiet following the elections. The recent bombing and kidnapping are believed to be relatively isolated events.

Can’t believe that we are all still alive after the Sox won the series. Unbelievable! Did you see that Pedro got beaned with a baseball during the victory parade? I love the irony that the Yankees will be there when they get their rings! All the Cubs fans are wondering when it is their turn. I think the value of the Sox franchise has peaked. The owners should sell because it’s all down hill from here.

Could not agree more. I am sorry I missed Pedro getting beaned, that would have been so worth it (He didn't get hurt, did he?) I think the only way the Cubs break the curse is sacrificing a live goat on the pitcher's mound. (Sorry that was a bit gross). Yes sell the Sox and all the players, get set for another 86 years! Muahhahhahhahh!

From all the pics you have posted it looks like there are a lot of trappings from home there. How much stuff did you bring with you? I imagine that there is some sort of commissary set up?

Good question, I brought two "A" bags, which are large canvas/nylon bags to throw all your stuff. Mostly brought my uniforms, a sleeping bag and all of my "cold weather" gear. So it added up.

Saw that Karzai won the election. I think the NY Times buried it in the classified ads! Not sure if you have access to the WSJ but their editorial page has been excellent lately. Any immediate changes for the Afghan government?

The votes are counted, and it appears that Karzai will win. The official announcement has not been made. They are still clearing up some investigations of alleged fraud.

How long will you be in Afghanistan?

Still not sure, I think I may be home for Christmas (Sounds like a song) but will not be sure for a week or so.

Do you have much contact with the locals? Not much, I pretty much spend my days on the compound, and when we do go somewhere, the trip is non-stop, and we are all armed. So no time to chat.

The pictures are great. My co-workers and I think you guys look like you are having way too much fun!

I am enjoying my time here, and I hope the pics tell a good story. You and your co-workers are welcome any time out here. You all can have my rack.

Do you need anything from the States? I’m assuming you can get packages but you will probably be back at home by the time you got it! How about ordering from Amazon?

I personally don't need anything, but packages from home are always welcome. I will email the address instead of putting it on the web. Mail takes about 10-14 days to get here. Any mail order place that lets you ship to an APO will work.

In any case…keep in touch. Love to the girls!

Thanks for the note. Miss you all at home.

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