Saturday, November 27, 2004


Letter to "any soldier"

We get lots of letters addressed to "any soldier" this one was particularly moving, and I thought I would share it with you:

"My name is ******, I was a nurse (male) in the USAF 60-76, Vietnam War. I worked in the burn unit. I am now 100% service connected. I am in a wheel chair but don't let any of this get in my way. I am divorced and live in St. Louis, Missouri. I have no children.

but I do have three daschunds. Their names are Mollie, Casey and Phoenix is the pup and a holy terror. He gets into everything.

I just recently lost my Mom, Dad, and Brother all within a months time of eachother. I have a sister, named *******. She lives in St. Louis also. I recently underwent heart bypass and a eight hour back surgery. I did fine with both surgeries.

I recently graduated from Maryville University with a degree in Psychology and also a degree in Paralegal, emphasizing criminal Law. I am presently taking home course for Pharmacist. I am unable to work, but I do have plenty of degrees to look back at and see what I all accomplished in life.

I am a member of the Vietnam Veterans of America. I am the Editor of our newspaper and I am presently working on the October issue. I am also a freelance writer for two military magazines, Empower is the name of one. I will send you a copy soon. I am also on our finance committee for the VVA.

I am owner and CEO of OperationHelpingHandAfghanistan. I began this journey when the war broke out. We send letters and care packages to all the troops in the Stans. I have several fund raisers in the works to assist in mailing packages and paying postage. I also use the funds to help in Operation Holiday Cheer, which is our Christmas program. I am sending Christmas trees, decorations, and stockings to all the men and women serving in Afghanistan.

I also have a store on line to raise funds. We have clothing for the entire family including the do and cat. There is also stationary, purses and much more. I am enclosing a pins demonstrating what we are all about.

My hobbies consist of reading Tom Clancy Books, Listening to stereo (50-60's music) hey I am giving my age away hahaha. I love militarym espionage, murder and mystery. I don't really care for SCI-FI. I have a beautiful garden that I love to attend to. I hate heavy metal music. I really didn't like country music until I heard Toby Keith sing, and I have been sold since.

Well I think I told you all about me, now it is your turn. What sort of work do you specialize in the service? Where are you originally from? Are you engaged? Are you career military? What are your hobbies? Do you like to read? If so, what kind of material. Who are your favorite authors.

Do you need anything? I am enclosing a survey sheet in order that you may fill out and return to me.
Please fill out the survey and return it to the group ASAP!!! I also want to tell you, how so proud I am of you serving, God Bless you and every person serving today.

Let me know if I can help you in some way? Take care and I do wish you well. Please stay in touch. Peace and friendship to you all."

We are sending our response today...,

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