Wednesday, November 17, 2004


How Not To Clear Your Weapon

Sorry for the gap between posts...

This is a funny story. It is also a true story. It did not happen to me. When we return to the compound, we have to clear our weapons. This is to ensure that at least once a day they are verified as clear as in not loaded, as in not ready to fire.
This is a simple procedure. But some people have problems with this. In the most recent of many events, male bravado, coupled with stupidity resulted in the needless shooting of an innocent clearing barrel.
As the story goes, the gentleman approaches the barrel, beside a female co-worker. He dutifully draws the slide back and a round ejects, which he manages to catch before it hits the ground. Apparently the young lady was impressed. To which the he-man, soon to be fool, says: You ain't seen nothing yet. He pulls the trigger BLAMM! and shoots the barrel.
You see, he forgot one simple step. Remove the magazine before doing anything at the clearing barrel. Some lessons are learned in blood, others in steel and dirt.
I wish I could say this is a rare occurence, but it happens once a day or so.

Funny! And I bet he lost all those maleness cool points before the ringing cleared in her ears....

Enroute a PG deployment in 89, we got an ALNAV declearing a Safety Standdown for Small Arms. It sesmed some brilliant LT was giving a lecture on .45 handling in the wardroom on some unnamed vessel, pointed the weapon "skyward" and squeezed the trigger. *BLAMMO!*

Unlike your story, that was when there were no females aboard to try to impress.
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