Monday, October 25, 2004


Trip to Pol-e-Charki

We went on a field trip today to the Kabul Military Training Center, the home of the Afghan National Army. We went there for weapons familiarization: Read - shoot weapons for the sake of shooting.

(This is the national past-time of Texas I think). At any rate, photos will be up soon. It was a good trip despite the fact we had to wait outside the Kabul airport for an hour for the French contingent to get the ammunition they needed. While waiting we met some local children which was quite entertaining and saw parts of Afghanistan we had not previously seen.

Today was also the coolest day to date, and it was overcast and rainy (kind of like it is every day in Seattle). When the pix are up, I will add more.

This is Mr. Lin, he is our task master.

A Qanooni poster on a taxi. Much like a Kerry poster in the States. (Qanooni came in second).

An ISAF patrol on the day of the suicide attack. They are dismounted downtown. We don't do that. I am not sure if this was the patrol that got hit.

More war damage downtown. No shortage of this. What is amazing is sometimes people will still be living in bombed out structures.

My room at the safe house. I sleep on the top bunk. 40 year olds should not sleep up there. Luckily I have stuck the dismount every day. Hopefully a bottom bunk will open up soon.

Me waiting outside the airport with a herd of goats passing by. How come all the others got pix with kids, and I got goats?

LCDR Paul (the Aussie) with a couple of kids that came up to meet us.

No comment necessary.

A group of little girls aftetr they were chased away by "the bully" his picture is coming up.

One of our French officers with a group of boys.

Burkha on board.

The Bullly. This one would chase away all the other kids. I think we were on "his corner" if he saw other kids getting candy from us, he would chase them away and try to take their candy. It was funny because an Afghan adult pulled him aside gave him a stern talking to, and the bully went away crying. He did return a bit later, and pulled the same crap.

Mmmmmmm fresh vegetables.

Never did see the school but here's the sign.

Little kids would come out and give us the "Thumbs up" as we drove by.

A UN refugee camp.

Our convoy to the range about to go "off roading".

That would be me. At the end of the end of the world. I may as well be standing on Mars.

LCDR Paul and Capt Bill surveying the "off roading damage"

It's not a party 'til something gets broken.

French SUV with a machine gun on top. These sounded awesome when fired.

More French SUV's.

Nice hat.

Nice cami flak jacket dude.You look like Wile E. Coyote. All that green pasture. You blend!
Hey, just noticed you upgraded the holster. good job.
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