Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Power Point

Nothing in today's military happens without a Powerpoint Brief. I have heard references to death by powerpoint, and the dreaded "hourglass of death", our French Officer just returned to the office looking quite disturbed. He informed us he has Powerpoint Poisoning. I think that is worse than food poisoning.
Power Point needs to be added to the Axis of Evil.

LOL. If you think it's bad in today's military, you should see it out here.
My eyes have become crossed with little "ppt"s engraved on the inside trying to survive my fellow workers powerpoint explanations and I've spent hours re-working my animation scheduling in the hopes it will make my dust-dry presentation just a little bit more interesting.

At least you guys get to order somebody to watch. I get to gauge my results by the number of heads that go thump on the board table.
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