Saturday, October 16, 2004


One Night in Bagram..

Makes a hard man humble. (sorry, couldn't resist - K)

After landing in Bagram it was too late to safely convoy to Kabul. So we had to spend the night. Words will not do justice to our "accomodations" and there are pictures that will soon be posted. After looking into two tents for a cot, we hit paydirt at the third. A tent all to ourselves. Of course it was big enough for a very large wedding reception, and it was not completely sealed off to the weather.
Also, it is getting cold at night here. So we left 120 in Qatar, and landed in the low 40's in Afghanistan. The other simple joy of the tent was the constant serenade of Tactical Air throughout the night. There are no such things as quiet hours at a forward base. Needless to say, sleep was not very restful.

Just wait until you get the call to prayer at 4:00am (or whenever an hour before sunrise is)

You'll learn to sleep through all of it.
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