Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Life on the Compound,

I have been "in country" for a week or so, so I need to describe life here. We work in a compound that is now a heavily fortified collection of former residential buildings. Some are still used to house people, but the rest are used as offices, dining facilities, gyms or both. Where additional office space is needed, buildings are being constructed of shipping containers. Perhaps building upon the theme in Doha, giving new life to the term "in the box thinking".
My quarters are off compound, in a Safe house. It is some distance from the main compound on a heavily fortified (notice the trend?) street. Each morning and each night I suit up in body armor and Maj Jim drives to the safe house. (Maj Jim works with me, not for me, but he is also one of the lucky few who has a vehicle assigned) Jim's good luck is other Afghan driver's bad luck, because he has taken what I call the "Jersey Wedge" while driving to levels I never thought possible.
Once at the safe house, we cannot wander. We must remain there until we return to work. So the idea is to stay at work as long as possible, go to the safe house, watch a movie or read, then return again (See Groundhog Day for timing.)

Does Maj. Jim need more lollipops to soothe the savage beast within him?

I've got connections in Lollipop Land...

Stay safe and keep smiling!
Pam -
Lollipops are always welcome.
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