Sunday, October 10, 2004


Half Way There

I just uncoiled myself from my flight from Washington to London. United airlines must cater to short people because the seats in coach are so close together, that I felt like my knees were folded under my butt for 7 hours. I was tempted to write to Amnesty International about conditions on the plane, but then I remembered, I volunteered for this.

I am having a good stay in London, got an upgrade to Business Class on Gulf Air, and got to use the first class lounge. This is like the proverbial key to the executive food, drink and best of all the chance to take a hot shower. This could be my last civilized shower for the next few months...I almost feel refreshed and ready for the next 7 hour flight to Abu Dhabi.

More to follow from the Middle East.

Pete, go to and get a counter. They're free and will show you how many hits you're getting, and to some extent from where. They're pretty easy to install, but if you aren't sure how, I can do it if you give me admin rights to your blog.

Bummer that you didn't get a Biz upgrade on united, or even an economy plus seat, but glad you got the GA upgrade. You'll have to let me know how you wrangled that.
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