Monday, October 11, 2004


Doha, Qatar

Well, I arrived in Qatar early this morning. Added up the time it took to get here, and it was almost 24 hours. This is an amazing place, my quarters are a shipping container, inside a large wharehouse. It is amazing.
The trip was long, but at least the last two flights on Gulf Air were in business class. Never flew "up front" before, but I could get used to it real fast. Great food, and more important, comfortable seats.
I am exhausted. The plan is to stay here for 24-48 hours before pressing on to Afghanistan.

Hey...K.M. told me about your trip to Afghanistan. I am in Kandahar now pressing on to other places real soon. Been to Bagram and if you get a chance, that is best place so far. Keep your head down and if you go to Kabul, drive fast and don't stop!!! You will know what I am talking about if you go there.

Stay safe and if you are in town drop a line.
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