Monday, October 25, 2004



After dinner this evening (Dry pork chops, runny stuffing, overcooked carrots I took a personality test. Try it here

This was the result:
Wackiness: 80/100
Rationality: 56/100
Constructiveness: 64/100
Leadership: 0/100

You are a WRCF--Wacky Rational Constructive Follower. This makes you a Paul Begala.You are unflappable and largely unconcerned with others' reactions to you. You were not particularly interested in the results of this test, and probably took it only as a result of someone else asking you to. You have a biting wit and intense powers of observation. No detail is lost on you, and your friends know it--relying on you to have the facts when others express only opinions. You are even-tempered, friendly, and educated. Foolish strangers may mistake your mildness for weakness--they will be surprised.You entire approach to life is enviable. You will raise good kids.

Of the 47090 people who have taken this quiz since tracking began (8/17/2004), 5 % are this type.

I don't think it is that far off the mark. Try it for yourself.

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