Friday, October 15, 2004


6 hours with my ass in a sling.....

...Otherwise known as a C-130 flight from Doha, Qatar to Bagram Afghanistan. Show time for the flight was 0550 (5:50 am) of course, the flight was not going to leave until 0900. So we check in, and verify we are on the flight. Then we wait, and wait, and wait. Finally, the flight is ready for loading. A short bus ride to the flight line, a short wait on the bus before the flight crew was ready to load the aircraft. But finally we get on the plane. It is about 110 outside and 20 degrees warmer inside. So we sit there for almost 30 minutes sweating. We finally take off and that sweat that is on our bodies chills. (Almost freezing)...the flight itself was uneventful.
And we made it to Bagram safely.
This flight made the United flight from Dulles to Heathrow feel like business class. I will never complain about coach again.

Try a C-141 from NASNI to Thailand sometime. Via Hawaii and Guam. In cargo net seats. Packed so tightly that your knees are interlocking with the guy facing you.

Then hear the Marine up front puke and just wait for the chain reaction to ripple down the plane (didn't happen thankfully - the ripple that is).

Then complain. ;-)
Well it's good to know you made it safely!
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